Standard corrugated cardboard packaging

We produce only the highest quality packaging since 1999. Our goal is to assure wide choice of different size cardboard boxes adapted for different needs. We have lots of experience and can provide our costumers various products.


Production of three types cardboard boxes

  1. Standard cardboard packaging
  2. Production of nonstandard boxes (boxes for cakes, cookies and for other special needs)
  3. Offset printed laminated cardboard production


Ecological cardboard as the main material

Cardboard boxes are made from 3-layer, 5-layer and micro-corrugated cardboard. We also sell 1 or 1,5 meter width 2-layer rolls, parchment paper, wrapping paper, cellophane, newsletter paper.

We produce boxes only from ecological cardboard. This cardboard is brown and it is easy to dye it gaining beautiful products of different colors and designs


Ways to use

You can use big or smaller cardboard boxes for various cases. Ecological cardboard extends consumption possibilities.

Moving around

Using cardboard boxes you can easily move from one place to another. Your goods will be protected from impacts and other external influences. You can use them both for transportation and warehousing.

Food supplies

We produce not only standard cardboard boxes, but nonstandard boxes for food supplies as well. You can easily carry cakes, cookies, pizzas etc.


If you want to greet another person in any special occasion, you may need to acquire a cardboard box to carry gifts in. Your gift will make bigger impression when it will be packed in beautiful packaging.

Interior details

High-quality cardboard can also be used to decorate a room. We create beautiful forms of colorful cardboard which you can use for painting frames or any other things.

Toys for kids

Bigger cardboard boxes can be converted into small houses for kids. Just do not forget to cut off windows and built a roof! Children will appreciate this!


The possibilities to use cardboard can be enormous. Just turn on your fantasy and use it as you will!