Offset printed laminated cardboard packaging

Little boxes for gifts

Little boxes are suitable for gifts, small beautiful things, food transportation etc. We produce small cardboard boxes according to individual client needs. This production is made from brown ecological cardboard. We have more than 15 years experience.


Various sorts of boxes

Our company create not only small boxes for gifts, but also bigger ones, which are suitable for heavier things. We create different shapes and constructions. If you don’t know which type of cardboard to choose we can suggest you.

We can also create extraordinary boxes containing many colors with specials marks and initials or any picture you wish.


The beginning of production – coincidence

Not everybody knows that the first box was created in 19th century England, however contemporary boxes for transporting was made only few decades ago by coincidence. Technologies nowadays are much more developed and we can process recycled cardboard. We can not only product high-quality and useful products but care for nature as well. Cardboard boxes industry has its own history which you will always remember after purchasing our production.


Modern manufacturing processes

Much efforts must be spend to manufacture high-quality cardboard boxes. They can be made using cut knives or modern machine tools. Cut knives are used to get individual and unique shapes of boxes which can be adapted for different needs. This process is quite difficult and requires many skills. Machine tools are used for mass manufacturing and transportation.