Complex shapes and structures cutting

Gifts packing

Birthdays, Christmas and many other important holidays is the time to prepare gifts. “Ekologine sfera” can offer you many different types of offset printed laminated. We can create just the right box you need!


All gifts should be packed in box

A gift without beautiful box wouldn’t be beautiful enough. It is very pleasant surprise to get a gift packed in beautiful cardboard box. Even cakes or cookies packed in a box looks much more better. Boxes for confectionery needs can carry from 0,5 to 3,5 kg. cookies, 4 kg cake or 35,45,60 centimeter high Lithuanian šakotis.


We create

  • Standard corrugated cardboard goods
  • Smooth cardboard packaging
  • Corrugated cardboard goods
  • Complex shapes and structures

All the boxes for gifts we made are ecological. Natural cardboard color is brown but it can be dyed to other colors. The price depends on color.


Individual orders

We have many years experience and can offer our products according to individual needs. If you want to have extraordinary gift box just ask us and we will realize your wish. You can choose desirable type, color, shape, logo and text.


How to choose gift box?

If you want to make surprise for your family members or business partners, you need to think carefully what kind of box will fit best. The size of gift is very important because when you use too big or too small box it looks unpleasant. What’s more, you need to pay attention for suitable design and color. If you want to give a gift for family members or friends then colorful and light packaging will be very suitable. If you want to surprise business partners or older persons then solid and elegant color design will be the best.