Coated cardboard packaging

For long term warehousing

It is comfortable to choose coated cardboard packaging for long-term warehousing or moving to another place. You can easily pack your goods. It can be a small gift or big furniture – we are ready to accomplish your needs and offer different size boxes for you.

Micro-corrugated (E) cardboard is 1,5-1,8 mm. thickness. Boxes made from this type of cardboard are aesthetic, beautiful, they suit for gifts or smaller things.

3-layer (B) cardboard which is 3,2 mm. thickness, is usually used for confectionery supplies.

3-layer (C) cardboard is 4,5 mm thickness. It is suitable for packages or resettlement. You can put clothes and shoes inside.


For packages

The package you transfer should be protected from any external damages. That’s why it must be carefully packed. It is important to choose 3-layer corrugated cardboard for this type of transfers. These boxes are usually utilized in post offices and warehouses.


For resettlement

No matter what kind of goods you will transfer, it is important to use tougher and thicker cardboard boxes. For resettlement the best option is 3- and 5-layer coated cardboard packaging. For simple things like clothes or shoes you should use 3-layer cardboard and for heavier and more fragile things 5-layer cardboard.


How to choose a box?

When you look for a suitable box, first thing to think about is its resistance to ruptures and punctures. The thicker cardboard you use, the more resistant box is. Corrugated cardboard can be divided into different types according to the degree of its resistance. 55.468 DIN standard adjust this regulation. This standard is well-known because of its simplicity and is usually being used to adjust electronic components, organization methods and other elements which do not have ISO standard.


Our goal is to offer you not only standard boxes, but boxes for textile and footwear as well.