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Well-selected packaging implement several important functions. Firstly, they protect things carried inside from external damage possibilities or any other unfavorable conditions. Secondly, they shape better aesthetic appearance for carried things. We can offer different sorts of high-quality packaging, which we will adapt according to every client needs.

Sorts of packaging

Package types in our stock:

Standard corrugated | Smooth | Corrugated

Advantages of cardboard

Have you ever though why the most part of packaging are produced from cardboard? The answer could be related to these cardboard advantages:

Low price | Resistance to impacts | Resistance to punctures | Qualified protection | Favorable design opportunities | Wide choice of size | Comfortable packing

Different packaging – different types of corrugated cardboard

We product 3 different types of corrugated cardboard in our company:

3-layer (B, C) cardboard. This sort is the most popular. Thickness of B-type is 2,7-2,9 mm. C-type – 3,5-3,7 mm.

5-layer (EB, BB, BC) cardboard. This type of the thickest cardboard is used for carrying heavier things.

Micro-corrugated (E) cardboard. This is the tiniest 1,1-1,9 mm. thickness cardboard. It is usually used to create beautiful aesthetic appearance and it is not suitable for long duration transporting.

How to choose the right one?

It may be difficult to find the perfect option you need. We can give you some tips:

Know your audience. Find the best packaging if you send a package and want to make a good impression for the right person. We can create design according to your personal needs.

Estimate the right size and fragility of carried thing. Perhaps many of us would be disappointed if we get very big package with tiny thing inside. That’s why the right size of packaging is very important. įvertinta 5.0 balais iš 5 , remiantis 48 klientų vertinimais.